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A smart tool for integrated Water Distribution Nertwork analysis is on-line!

WDNetXL is a tool for students, practitioners and researchers as it offers a complete documentation on WDN analysis in form of MS-Office PowerPoint presentations, scientific documents and multimedial documents.

images  WDNetXL vr.2.0

images New function WDNetEditor for network editing and import from EPANET2

 Upcoming functions

Thanks to users' contributions the WDNetXL package is continuously upgraded. New functons for water quality analyses, optimal WDN calibration  and rehabilitation are being currently tested and will be released soon with version 3.

WDNetXL offers a suite of MS-Office Excel function which entails several typical analyses on Water Distribution Networks:

WDNetXL is:

  • self standing and readily usable without any additional software application
  • fully integrated in MS-Office Excel environment
  • setting parameters, input and output data are intuitively arranged in MS-Office Excel spreadsheets