Prin 2008 WDN - UNIFE
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The law 36/94 asserts the priority of water use for human needs, that good water quality has to be guaranteed and that reduced water consumption is a particular priority in order to permit renewal of the water resources. Consequently, an Agency has to focus on both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the water delivered, while another priority is the tools for planning qualitative and quantitative actions. As regards the quantitative aspect, these actions include leakage reductions and the rehabilitations of deteriorated pipes; as regards the qualitative aspect, these actions include concentrated or spatially distributed treatments to guarantee the delivery of water with the qualitative characteristics requested by law.

The research unit (R.U.)of Ferrara intends to develop three topics relevant to the problems presented above. The first topic is relevant to the leakage reduction problem, whereas the second and the third topic are relevant, respectively, to the problem of scheduling pipe replacements and to the problem of achieving water quality characteristics within the water distribution system as uniform as possible.



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