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EPR - Evolutionary Polynomial Regression

Evolutionary Polynomial Regression,

an evolutionary data-driven modelling

technique for identification and construction

of models.






To get a DEMO version of EPR MOGA-XL, please REGISTER and log in.


iconepr_moga_xl EPR MOGA-XL packages

for 32 bit Excel versions

First Installation Utilities 32bit

EPR MOGA-XL Vr.1.00 demo version 32bit


for 64 bit Excel versions

First Installation Utilities 64bit

EPR MOGA-XL Vr.1.00 demo version 64bit

pastarchives Documentation
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How to set EPR MOGA XL (video) How to set EPR MOGA XL (video)

Date added: 02/16/2011
Filesize: Empty

Tutorial EPR MOGA-XL ver.1.0 Tutorial EPR MOGA-XL ver.1.0

Date added: 03/01/2011
Filesize: 10.76 MB

This is a tutorial of EPR MOGA-XLL ver.1.0 (pdf without multimedial links). Please, register to download the multimedial version.