Laucelli, Daniele B.

Personal Information:

Position: Associate Professor Laucelli, Daniele B.
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Phone or fax: +39 080 5963726

I was born in Bari, the 28th of July 1973, and live there.

I'm currently assistant professor at the Politecnico di Bari (Technical University of Bari), at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

My academic history in short



National Scientific Qualification to Associate Professor in the Sector “08/AI - Idraulica, Idrologia, Costruzioni Idrauliche e Marittime” .

12/2008 - today

Researcher at the 2nd Engineering Faculty of the Politecnico of Bari.

01/2007 – 01/2010

Honorary Research Assistant at the School of Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics University of Exeter, UK.

06/2005 – 06/2008

Research Fellow at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department - Politecnico of Bari: project entitled "Management of hydraulic systems: evolutionary multi-objective optimization techniques and data-driven management of hydraulic systems."

01/2002 – 12/2004

PhD student in Environmental Engineering (XVII course) at the II Engineering Faculty of the Politecnico of Bari. Topic: data-driven modelling techniques applied to environmental hydraulic phenomena. Visiting Ph.D. student at the Strategic Research Department of the former WL|Delft Hydraulics (actually Deltares) in Delft (Netherlands), and at the Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter (UK). PhD obtained on the 3rd May, 2005, thesis entitled "Environmental modelling by multi-objective techniques and neuro-evolutionary computing", supervisors: prof. Orazio Giustolisi, prof. Vladan Babovic (University of Singapore).

06/2000 – 09/ 2001

Research fellow at the Water Engineering Department - Politecnico of Bari, under the agreement between the Politecnico of Bari and Centraltubi SpA: experimental data acquisition and processing, preparing manuals and test reports.

April 2000

Master degree in Civil Engineering at Politecnico of Bari: thesis about the hydrodynamics of urban drainage pipes with artificial internal macro-roughness.

My research activity


Principal investigator for the local RU “Advanced analysis tools for leakage management in urban water distri-bution networks.” - Programmi di Ricerca Scientifica di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale – PRIN2012 – National principal investigator: Dr. Silvia Meniconi.


Investigator in the local RU “Intercultural landscapes. Methodologies for benchmarking. Urban fabric and build-ing types in the Adriatic cross-border context.” - Programmi di Ricerca Scientifica di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale – PRIN2008 - MIUR. Principal investigator: Prof. Attilio Petruccioli.


Investigator in the local RU “Integrative Systems and the Boundary Problem – ISBP” - supported by the Euro-pean Union’s Framework Programme 6 - New and Emerging Science and Technology (NEST) Pathfinder initia-tive, NEST-2005-Path-CUL (Contract 043199), n. 043199/STREP/2007.


Investigator in the RU of DICA “Optimization of information-intensive processes: applications to the ICT and environment sectors” (PE106) – Regione Puglia, Explorative Projects.


Investigator in the local RU “Multi-objective evolutionary optimization and data-driven techniques for water system management” – Internationalization of the Italian University system: Interlink – MIUR (Prot. II04CHLB4D).

Research topics:

  • Hydroinformatics: application of e techniques to environmental systems and to support analysis, planning and management of hydraulic systems:Data-ModellingSoft-Computing
  • Artificial Neural Networks (ANN-MOGA XL)
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Genetic Programming
  • Evolutionary Polynomial Regression (EPR-MOGA XL)
  • Study of rainfall-runoff phenomena into environmental systems, such as:
  • rivers;
  • ephemeral streams;
  • groundwater;
  • Advanced modelling of water distribution networks:
  • Simulation of devices in pressurized hydraulic networks (tanks, control valves, pumps, etc.);
  • Simulation of demands components in pressurized hydraulic networks (indoor, outdoor);
  • Simulation of water losses in pressurized hydraulic networks;
  • Simulation of hydraulic behavior of in pressurized hydraulic networks under uncertainty;
  • Planning and management of water distribution networks:
  • Advanced design of pressurized hydraulic networks;
  • Mechanical and hydraulic reliability analysis of water distribution networks;
  • Seismic vulnerability analysis of water distribution networks;
  • Analysis and development of performance indicators for asset management;
  • Multi-objective optimization for decision support:
  • Automatic design of water distribution networks;
  • Rehabilitation planning for water distribution networks;
  • Optimal operational management of water distribution networks.

Since 2001, the research activity produced more than 80 scientific papers, including 24 articles on international peer-reviewed journals.

Member of the International Scientific Committee of the International Conference on Hydroinformatics – HIC since 2012

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Hydroinformatics (IWA Publishing) since 2012

Reviewer for many international peer-reviewed journals, as for example the Journal of Hydroinformatics (IWA Publishing) and the Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management (ASCE).


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