Doglioni, Angelo

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Position: Assistant Professor Doglioni, Angelo
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Location: Bari


Angelo Doglioni was born in Taranto (Italy) in 1977. He graduated (laurea) cum laude in 2001 in Civil Environmental Engineering in the Technical University of Bari. In 2005 (Thesis submitted November 2004), he gained his PhD in Hydraulic Engineering at the University of Calabria. His main experiences are concerned with numerical modelling applied to groundwater resources and landslides hazard detection, under a scenario of climatic changes.

His past experences pertain to data driven models for the analysis of environmental systems, development of decision support systems for the management of water resources, optimized design of water distribution/sewage systems, data-mining for proactive management of pipe assets.

Currently he is assistant professor at the Technical University of Bari, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture. He was also Honorary Appointed as Research Assistant at the Centre for Water Systems, School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, University of Exeter (UK). In 2004 he received the "Student commendation" for the best paper in the field of Natural Systems, during the biennial conference of the international Enviromnetal Modelling and Software society (iEMSs) in Osnabruek (Germany).

Research interests

  • Data-driven modelling.
  • Evolutionary computing and Hybrid evolutionary computing.
  • Development of numerical techniques.
  • Multiobjective decision supports applieto to environmental phenomena.
  • Soft Computing and Artificial intelligence.
  • Landslide mitigation.
  • Groundwater dynamics modelling.
  • Climate changes.

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