Berardi, Luigi

Personal Information:

Position: Associate Professor Berardi, Luigi
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Personal Data and Education

Born in Ruvo di Puglia, Bari, Italy, May 5th 1979.

2004. Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering cum laude, Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy.

2009. Ph.D. in “Civil and Environmental Engineering Science”, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Polytechnic University of Bari.

Academic history in brief 

2015-today. Assistant Professor (Italian Law n. 240/2010, art. 24, c. 3,(a)),  Polytechnic University of Bari.

2013. National Scientific Qualification to Associate Professor, sector 08/A1.

2010-2014. Research Fellow at Polytechnic University of Bari. Research Project: “Water leakage reduction and rehabilitation of aqueducts: study of a system for analysis and decision support”

2005-2006. Visiting Research at Centre for Water Systems, School of Engineering, Mathematic and Computing, University of Exeter - United Kingdom

Research Projects

2015-today. Principal Investigator of the project “Methodologies and tools for the sustainable management of urban water distribution networks in the Mediterranean area” – funded by the “Future in Research” program – Apulian Region (Italy).

2013-2017. Investigator of the Research Unit at Politecnico di Bari in the project "Tools and procedures for an advanced and sustainable management of water distribution systems" – Scientific Research Programs of Relevant National Interest - PRIN2012 (Prot. 20127PKJ4X) - Italian Ministry of University and Research.

2009-2012. Investigator of the Research Unit at Politecnico di Bari in the project “Innovative tools for water distribution network simulation and analysis” - Scientific Research Programs of Relevant National Interest – PRIN2008 (Prot. 20084AX2MF_002) – Italian Ministry of University and Research.

2009. Contractor in the EU project “Integrative Systems and the Boundary Problem – ISBP” -  European Union’s Framework  Programme 6 New and Emerging Science and Technology (NEST) Pathfinder initiative, NEST-2005-Path-CUL (Contract 043199) n. 043199/STREP/2007 

2006. Investigator in the project “Multi-objective evolutionary optimization and data-driven techniques for water system management” – Internationalization of the Italian University system: “Interlink” – MIUR (Prot. II04CHLB4D)

Involvement in the international scientific community

Associate Editor of “Water Science and Technology” (ISSN Print: 0273-1223) and “Water Science and Technology: Water Supply” (ISSN Print: 1606-9749) journals since 2015.

Member of the Editorial Board of “environments” journal (ISSN 2076-3298) since 2013.

Guest Editor of the “Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management” - ASCE – ISSN: 0733-9496 - Special Issue "The Battle of Background Leakage Assessment for Water Networks"

Guest Editor of the “environments” journal (ISSN 2076-3298) - Special Issue "Data-Modelling Applications in Water System Management"

Editor of “16th Water Distribution System Analysis Conference, WDSA2014 - Urban Water Hydroinformatics and Strategic Planning” Procedia Engineering, Vol. 89, Pages 1-1594 (2014)

Editor of “12th International Conference on Computing and Control for the Water Industry, CCWI2013” Procedia Engineering, Vol. 70, Pages 1-1772 (2014).

Member of the Organizing Committee of international conferences Computing and Control for the Water Industry – CCWI2013 and Water Distribution System Analysis – WDSA2014.

Research interests

Analysis of water distribution system networks (WDNs):

• Steady-state hydraulic modelling of WDNs

• Representation of leakages and demand components in hydraulic models of WDNs

• Calibration of steady state hydraulic modelling of WDNs

• Modelling of control devices

Planning and management of water networks:

• Development of performance indicator for water distribution and wastewater networks

• Segmentation methodologies for WDNs

• Analysis of mechanical vulnerability scenarios

• Maintenance and rehabilitation planning for water distribution and wastewater systems

• Sustainable operational of WDNs accounting for water and energy saving 

• Development of multi-objective decision support tools

Application of bi-dimensional modelling tools for the analysis of hydraulic hazard.

Development and application of Data-Modelling techniques in civil engineering, especially for the management of water distribution and wastewater networks:

• Evolutionary Polynomial Regression – EPR-MOGA XL

• Artificial Neural Networks – ANN-MOGA XL


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