Galeandro, Annalisa

Personal Information:

Position: PhD Student Galeandro, Annalisa
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Phone or fax: +39 099 4733204



Annalisa Galeandro was born in Taranto (Italy) in 1984.

In 2009 she graduated (laurea) cum laude in Civil Engineering and started a PhD Course in Enviromental Engineering in the Technical University of Bari.

The topic of her research project is closely related to the modelling of infiltration processes through fractured swelling porous media, in order to investigate the consequences of the swelling effect in the infiltration processes and try to implement this kind of model for the evaluation of soil slip landslide susceptibility of clayey soils to different intensity.

Her main experiences are concerned with slope stability problems and consequent effects on hydraulic and landslide vulnerability of the territory.

Currently, she is working on the develop of an evolving dual-porosity/permeability model, which allows simulations of unsaturated flow through soils characterized by shrinking cracks by using relatively simple parameters, relating matrix swelling to fracture closure.

Research interests

Modelling of infiltration processes in saturated and unsatured soils

Modelling of landslide phenomena

Climatic changes and their implications on water resources availability





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