• Tools and procedures for an advanced and sustainable management of water distribution systems


    alt  PRIN 2012

  • Advanced analysis tools for management of water losses in urban aqueducts


    alt  PRIN 2012

  • Time-Space prediction of high impact landslides under changing precipitation regimes


    alt  PRIN 2011

  • The influence of of phisical-environmental context and natural resources in analysing the development of urban layout and landscape in transadriatic regions


    alt  PRIN 2008

  • Innovative tools for the simulation and analysis of water distribution networks


    alt  PRIN 2008

  • Integrative Systems and the Boundary Problem (I.S.B.P.) - EU Project n. 043199/strep/2007 - Activity Code: NEST-2005-Path-CUL


      EU PROJECT N. 043199/STREP/2007

  • Ottimizzazione evolutiva multi-obiettivo e tecniche data-driven per la gestione dei sistemi idraulici - D.M. 5/08/2004, n. 262 – Internazionalizzazione 2004/2006


       INTERLINK - D.M. 5/08/2004, N. 262

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