Accounting for local water storages in assessing WDN supply capacity

Research Area: Hydro Year: 2014
Type of Publication: In Proceedings Keywords: Tanks; Water supply systems, Demand-driven analysis; Extended period simulations; Mediterranean areas; Presssure; Pressure-driven; Supply capacity; Water distribution system models
Volume: 70
Pages: 142-151
Address: Perugia
ISSN: 1877-7058
cited By 0; Conference of 12th International Conference on Computing and Control for the Water Industry, CCWI 2013 ; Conference Date: 2 September 2013 Through 4 September 2013; Conference Code:104833
In many real WDNs, as in the Mediterranean area, customers are traditionally supplied by local water storages (i.e. roof or basement tanks) fed from the top by service pipes of the urban WDN through volume-controlled orifices. The present contribution shows that the prediction of WDN water supply capacity achieved by a model accounting for the filling/emptying of local tanks, is different from both classical demand-driven analysis and the pressure-driven analysis based on Wagner's demand-pressure relationship at each node. The WDNetXL system ( is used to perform multiple simulation runs to assess WDN capacity under increasing demand scenarios. © 2013 The Authors.
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