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Team - Geo Group

Team leader: Simeone, Vincenzo
Position: Professor
Phone or fax: +390994733204
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Team members:

Three people currently work in the research group:

Prof. Vincenzo Simeone

Dr. Angelo Doglioni

Dr. Annalisa Galeandro



Prof. Simeone is the group leader, he is full professor of Engineering Geology at the Technical University of Bari. His scientific activity is related to the geomorphological and mechanical analysis of landslide and of large territorial phenomena, the modeling of natural system, the protection from geological hazard, climatic changes and their influence on groundwater resources, and engineering geology for cultural heritage.

Dr. Doglioni is research fellow at the Technical University of Bari. Currently, he is working on the applications of the evolutionary techniques on the study of environmental phenomena and on the applications of the population-based evolutionary techniques on the design and analysis of groundwater systems, climatic change and geomorphological risk. His research interests are Data-driven modeling, evolutionary computing and Hybrid evolutionary computing, optimization applied to the management of groundwater systems and landslide risk, climatic change and impact of rainfall on landslide triggering, development of numerical techniques, multiobjective decision supports, soft Computing and Artificial intelligence, hydrogeological risk mitigation, 2D flood modeling, flood risk mitigation.

Mrs Galeandro is PhD student at the Technical University of Bari. Her research project is closely related to the modelling of infiltration processes through fractured swelling porous media, in order to investigate the consequences of the swelling effect in the infiltration processes and try to implement this kind of model for the evaluation of soil slip landslide susceptibility of clayey soils to different intensity. She also works on slope stability problems and consequent effects on hydraulic and landslide vulnerability of the territory. Currently, she is developing of an evolving dual-porosity/permeability model, which allows simulations of unsaturated flow through soils characterized by shrinking cracks by using relatively simple parameters, relating matrix swelling to fracture closure.





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