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The research group is based at the Technical University of Bari, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture. The group is particularly focused on the following main topics:

  • Data-driven modelling and data-mining applied to: natural hazards; groundwater resources; landslides hazard detection; water and groundwater management; climatic changes.
  • Water and groundwater management.
  • Infiltration processes.
  • Slope stability.
  • Ephemeral streams in karst environments.
  • Geomorphic analysis by numerical techniques.
  • Climatic changes and their implications on water resources availability.
  • Soil mechanics.
  • Engineering geology for cultural heritage.

The group collaborated for several years with the University of Exeter (United Kingdom), College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences and with the Ecole Politecnique Federale de Lausanne (Switzerland). The research collaboration has produced since 2003 more than 50 scientific publications in international journals and contributions to international conferences, besides a European research project.

Currently the group is particularly focused on Evolutionary Modelling, which allows to identify explicit functional relationships, i.e. closed form equations, the terms of which can be read also in terms their possible physical interpretation. The technique was successfully applied in particular in Groundwater Hydrology and of Natural Hazard.